As a researcher, educational consultant, blogger, and curriculum author, I strive to promote reading competence. Reading is a marvelous activity, but it is not innate to humans. Itís a wonder that we learn how - and before losing our baby teeth! The English language is particularly trying because mastering it includes cracking a complex code and understanding the largest word bank in the world.

Teaching tips: Make it interesting! This fascinating language is a puzzle that can be solved. With sufficient knowledge and success, self-efficacy and interest grows, so make explicit the phonemic, graphemic, and morphemic aspects of new words. Foster a highly verbal learning atmosphere. Promote morphological awareness, exploring the most common prefixes, roots, and suffixes, and discussing word relationships. Develop word sense, or vocabulogic.


Keep your eyes always on true north - the higher goals of comprehension, content knowledge, and intellectual curiosity. Embed all new learning into memory, anchored with review and reinforcement.